SynFiny Advisors is officially announcing the launch of a new division of our business in Latin America, SynFiny Learning Solutions! SynFiny Learning Solutions exists to bring your organization the full set of functional and soft skills necessary to expedite growth and succeed in today’s challenging business environment. Our instructors bring your employees a wealth of knowledge and real experience from corporate careers, so you won’t have to wade through the 30+ years of personal experience to produce fast results.

SynFiny Learning Solutions includes several soft skill programs including Purposeful Leadership, Inclusive and Diverse Culture, Open Innovation, Effective and Engaging Communication, Team Building, Sustainable Wellbeing and Productivity, and much more!

Additionally, SLS offers functional skills programs including Strategic Sourcing Fundamentals, Supplier Relationship Management, Optimizing Working Capital, Supply Chain as a Competitive Advantage, and more.

SynFiny Learning Solutions’ programs are tailored to specific company needs and delivered using blended, face-to-face, and virtual methods.

Our learning practice helps your organization become a team of ultimate corporate champions!