Synfiny Advisors Business Practice

Commercial Development

Our Customer-Based, Business Development Program, will significantly improve productivity by driving Sales and optimizing Cost to Serve. We will help to drive value creation from markets, channels and customers by transforming them in structural building blocks of growth. We are equipped to work on all the Core Commercial Capabilities, from strategy through engagement to execution. These promises are based on the foundations of hand in hand collaboration, detailed know-how, profound expertise and commitment to measurable metrics.

Core Commercial Capabilities, from Strategy to Execution

4P’s Category Strategy

Define the right balance and priorities for your categories, across trade channels

  • Portfolio by Channel
  • Placement, Pricing & Promotion Strategies
  • Picture of Success

High Performing Multifunctional Teams

Have a highly productive organization, winning mentality and culture

  • Multifunctional Selling
  • Cross Functional Measure
  • Organizational Culture

Route to Market

Design and execute the most productive way for your products to reach the consumer

  • Market & Channels Strategy
  • Size of the Prize & Cost to Serve
  • Distributor network

Shopper Centric Customer Marketing

Maximize your brands’ offering at the POS with the best understanding and tools

  • Customer segmentation
  • Shopper Based Design
  • E Commerce strategy

Joint Business Planning JBP

Ensure a productive involvement from your clients to deliver top notch synergies

  • Joint Business Assessment
  • Strategic Alignment framework
  • 360 building blocks planning
  • True Scorecards

Distributor Management

Analyze and appoint a Best in Class network, multiplying its results

  • Distributor Selection
  • Distributor Capabilities
  • Sales Force productivity

Key Account Management

Be rewarded as the best business partner and supplier

  • Customer Centricity
  • Category Management
  • Retail Operations

Advanced Negotiations

Achieve 100% of your objectives and foster a win-win relationship

  • Decision Mapping
  • Selling to VITO
  • Top to Top forums

Sales Force Training & Development

Cohesively nurture and grow your most important asset

  • Sales Talent Management System
  • Selling & Negotiation
  • Sales Operations Effectiveness