Synfiny Advisors Business Practice

Finance Transformation

Is your company’s finance function a competitive advantage? Does it make a difference in how you run your business? Does it help you win?

SynFiny Advisors defines Finance function scope as “the critical financial data systems and processes, accounting and financial modeling activities that, when combined with deep understanding of business, allow companies to harness and tune value creation.” When done well, these processes provide competitive advantage. They don’t just report results, they show how to make results better. They don’t just count costs, they help you manage costs. They don’t just track budgets they allow you to make smarter decisions.

SynFiny Advisors specializes in helping clients transform Finance activities and results into a competitive advantage. We help you move your finance activities from reporting what happened to helping the company make things happen!

Let us Synfinize™ Your Finance Results

Most Common Issues With Finance:

  • Budgeting takes too long and requires too much work
  • Limited front-line employee participation results in limited buy-in
  • Forecast frequency and accuracy needs to increase
  • True profitability of products, services and units unknown
  • Hard to understand cost saving opportunities and impacts
  • Too many “versions” of results running around the organization
  • Front-line employees need access to better report
  •  Process makes organization alignment a continuous struggle
  • Organization focused on the wrong priorities
  • Hard to know when and where to act when results are off target