Synfiny Advisors Business Practice

Business Analytics

Are we making money yet? How come we’re selling more but making less? How much should we charge? Where should we invest? How much can we spend? Should we build it or can we buy it? How much should I spend on marketing?

Every business runs up against these questions. And the bigger and more complex your business, the harder it is to answer them. SynFiny can help you. Our experience combined with proven analysis techniques can bring you the robust analytics you need to produce better decisions and make more money!

How SynFiny Business Analytics help our clients make more money

  • Set prices for products & services
  • Understand true operating profitability
  • Understand unit or component level profitability
  • Develop robust project economics
  • Understand competitor economics
  • Understand and manage cost volatility
  • Develop portfolio management
  • Understand marketing ROI
  • Conduct Acquisition or Divestiture Analysis
  • Conduct analysis of funding or capital options

A durable goods manufacturer was growing unit sales rapidly behind a new product line introduction. But somehow profits were shrinking. We dug in and helped them understand where premium features were costing them. Getting their mix economics right helped the client adjust prices and start growing profits!

A business services client needed help to determine whether and how to invest in a consumer goods start-up. The product and brand were compelling; the leadership looked sound. However, we uncovered serious flaws in cash flow projections and misallocation of funding. The start-up was strapped for cash and headed for failure. Our client was able to walk away and put their resources against better opportunities!