Synfiny Advisors Business Practice

Shared Services

As companies and business lines grow more complex, so do transactional or “back office” activities. From accounting and treasury work to purchasing and human resources, complexity grows and can take a toll on the agility and responsiveness of the total organization. It can also waste a lot of money!

Is it time for you to create centralized, cross-functional services and solutions that can support all your lines of business in any location? This is the concept of Shared Services. But it’s more than just a cost savings move. It needs to be about concentrating expertise, creating organization scale, speeding up business processes and making your company more responsive to market opportunities.

SynFiny’s Shared Services approach builds on our SYNFINIZATION™ methodology by first creating a deep “end-to-end” understanding of your company’s key policies, work processes, organizations, and tools. Then we help you design Shared Services to make your highest priority transaction areas more accurate, effective, and efficient. We also help with execution, training, systems and work process design.

Typical Client Results:

  • Operations freed up to focus on delivering business goals
  • Increased productivity (+10% to +20%)
  • Cost savings (-20% to -40%)
  • Improved compliance and reduced business risks
  • More timely and visible data (2X faster)
  • Greater accuracy
  • Improved sourcing and purchasing savings
  • Faster and more efficient integration of acquisitions or separation of divestitures