Insights  to help  you prepare and sustain your business during a business  interruption

SynFiny Advisors has developed a series of Crisis Management Insights to help you strengthen and grow your business after having faced a major business interruption.  Our objective is to provide a framework that allows any business (no matter how big or small) to maintain focus while dealing with the multitude of distractions that take you away from your core business.   Our advisors’ share their seasoned experiences and “been there, done that” practical advice to not only survive but thrive in a crisis situation.

These Insights have the following objectives:

  1. Share proven business case examples that can be re-applied during times of business interruptions.
  2. Transformational options to manage and emerge from disruptive business situations with a more cost-effective, nimble, and flexible organization.
  3. Encourage the opportunity to capture learnings and also shape strong elements of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to further support the organization.


We will cover the following topics in this set of Insights:

  1. COVID 19 Learnings for CEOs – Provides business leaders with key guidance on what they need to do to sustain their teams and keep the business running during and after a major crisis.  Download Insight (PDF)
  2. Business Survival Kit  – Here we  challenge you to choose  supporting  those  processes  that are ‘nice to have’ or  stop what we are doing and only  maintain those that  we  ‘have to  have’?  Take a broad systemic approach to ensure throughput during a period of business interruption.  Download Insight (PDF)
  3. Developing Countries  – This Insight provides 5  actions  to be taken when  emerging markets  are facing  economic turmoil from a business interruption.  Of  particular importance  are actions when faced with currency devaluation and how to face  this challenge.  Download Insight (PDF)
  4. Procurement  – Provides  important  guidelines and insights on what  Procurement leaders need to address during a major business disruption event.  Download Insight (PDF)
  5. Balance Sheet and Fx Management – Proposes questions to consider during major economic and political  crises that impact market sizes, availability of funds and that create a flight to safety. Download Insight (PDF)
  6. Banking/Payments  – Identifies 3 loss types and potential actions to be taken; also reinforces the need to share your plans with your critical business partners to ensure mutual understanding and sustain productive relationships.  Download Insight (PDF)


SynFiny Advisors exists to bring talented “been there, done that” experience to bear on solving client problems.  Each engagement results in measurable, pragmatic and actionable recommendations. We assist in developing Business Process Transformation scenarios to survive changing economic conditions and minimize disruption to your organization and business partners. Our approach is very simple, we Define, Design and Transform. And in doing so, transform your business from ‘existing’ to ‘exceeding’.

Download and read the full insight here.

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