On June 11th, SynFiny Advisors’ CEO, Jeff Wuest, presented a webinar sponsored by Marquette University Alumni Association. In the webinar, entitled “Business Continuity ‘Plan’demic”, Jeff looked into how to maintain business functions amid a crisis like COVID-19 and what consumer changes and business opportunities we can expect after the pandemic in the “new normal”.

According to a poll of 50 business professionals from the webinar, the top concern for the future of businesses relative to COVID-19 is growing or getting back lost revenue. In fact, almost 50% claimed that this was a bigger concern than financial survival, remote work force, and having the right technology.

Chart: What are your biggest concerns about the future of your business or the company you work for? 26% said Financial Survival; 19% are worried about the Remote Work Force; 32% are concerned about Growing or Getting Back Lost Revenue; 7% are worried about Supply Chain Disruptions; 14% are concerned about individuals Having the proper Virtual Technology; 2% claimed to have No Concerns.

As a response to this concern, Jeff Wuest suggests that in order to gain back lost revenue, you must reach out to the consumer to understand their changing behavior and their needs for the future as well as prepare your Business Development and Sales Departments for these needs.

To hear more from our CEO Jeff Wuest on how to navigate a crisis like COVID-19 and what to expect in the “new normal”, watch his presentation.

Download the presentation slides

Special thanks to Marquette University Alumni Association for inviting Jeff to speak and for sponsoring the exciting webinar as well as an additional thank you to Matteo Arena, Finance Chair and Associate Professor at Marquette, for hosting.