On April 23rd, SynFiny Advisors Latin America sponsored their second webinar session (in Spanish) entitled, “Effectively Leading and Managing Change in Times of Crisis”. The webinar was held by Ilhiana Rojas, the CEO of BeLive Coaching, and Thomas Eckschmidt, the cofounder of Conscious Business Journey.

In the webinar, Eckshmidt explains the necessary actions and steps to lead a business through a crisis including the “7 C’s” of combatting a crisis. Rojas dives into how to manage change successfully. His advice includes how to establish a clear vision and how to develop a short and long-term plan. To learn more about the tips and tricks of crisis management, check out the webinar.

To translate the webinar recording to English, click on the video settings. Under closed captions, choose the Auto-Translate button.