SynFiny CEO gives a presentation

SynFiny Advisors CEO, Jeff Wuest, spoke on Reimagining the Finance Landscape at the Second Annual SWOAFP Conference. He began the presentation by discussing his time at P&G, where he managed financial operations in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. After spending ten years overseas and a collective 25 years at P&G, he retired to start up SynFiny Advisors. He continued to speak about the early history of SynFiny and how it started with a small team of Executive Advisors (Consultants). Growing to what it has become now, a thriving company with multiple offices across the globe, operated by a team of over 90 people, and quickly widening ranges of expertise.

CEO of SynFiny giving a presentation

Jeff elaborated on FP&A and how technology has disrupted almost every business sector with constant advancements and amazing new cases. The advancements he went over included: increasingly intelligent chatbots for customer service, machine learning for fraud detection and contract analysis, blockchain for moving money through the system, and cognitive search and analytics for providing key stakeholders with relevant information and insights. These topics are modern tools of the trade with ever-changing dynamics every finance and accounting professional needs, to stay on top of current market trends.

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SynFiny Advisors would like to thank Ohio AFP for allowing Jeff Wuest the opportunity to speak at the SWOAFP Conference. Ronald Reagan Lodge provided the space for professionals from all over to come together and further their knowledge in financial planning and analysis. A special thanks to the attendees for being eager and open to learn and connect!

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