Synfiny Advisors Business Practice



It is a significant challenge to bring together corporations, start-ups, scale-ups, NGOs, policy makers, regulators and academia into an innovation ecosystem that will generate tangible value.

SynFiny Innovation brings a comprehensive set of technical, commercial, legal and organizational expertise to help you navigate through this complex landscape. We assist in strategic choices, relationship management, and organizational and cultural alignment to enable your success.

We deliver integrated solutions for your innovation challenges. These challenges can exist within your own organization, among your customers and suppliers, within your value chains, and looking out toward the bigger societal challenges like mobility, water management, and circular economy.

Our strength lies in combining our deep and broad experience with your unique understanding of your business’s commercial and technical reality as we work toward the best solutions and creating maximum value. We are small, in-touch and agile. We focus on execution and implementation involving all key functions, and we’re there every step of the way.



Diagnose your current state of Ecosystem fluency and readiness


Co-design a holistic, integrated strategic Ecosystem approach that meets your specific needs and works for your purpose


Tap into our extensive multi-functional network of experts and practitioners to bring the chosen Ecosystem strategy to life


Help you forge the relationships ensuring they are constructive and productive


Guide and support you through the Eco-system Innovation journey toward maximum value creation and extraction


We guide you through the process toward excellence in execution for value creation