SynFiny Advisors helps companies of all sizes and industries grow and flourish.

It is often those with the most experience who give the best advice. SynFiny Advisors is no exception. Founded in 2014 by Jeff Wuest and Graham Cater—corporate executives with extensive financial management experience—SynFiny is rooted in the idea that seasoned advisors—people who have truly been there, done that—are ideally positioned to guide companies to success.

Today, the Cincinnati-based management consultancy firm with a global footprint is the second fastest-growing company in Ohio, with two years on the Inc. 5000 and more than a dozen offices spread over five continents. Since its foundation, SynFiny’s mission has expanded to encompass key functions of leading and managing an enterprise. Fueling this mission is an enviable talent pool of multi-functional advisors from a variety of industries and a shared desire to embrace new projects and solve new problems.

Best In Class Advisors

With an average of 25 years under their belts, SynFiny’s seasoned advisors boast sterling credentials and impressive track records, as well as an eagerness to share their expertise. “Because many of the people we put on engagements have seen this or that problem before, we’re likely to solve it faster,” says Christian C. Lee, North America managing partner. Many of SynFiny’s 250 advisors have held leadership positions at established organizations; they often work exclusively for SynFiny. “These are people who don’t want to stop learning and being active,” Lee says. “They like working on engagements, they enjoy the flexibility, and they want to be part of something great.”

With its hometown and international offices, SynFiny manages to be both globally minded and locally accessible. Its curated roster of advisors works with companies on mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, business process transformation, source-to-pay, financial planning and analysis, information technology, supply chain management, and other services. “For a small company, we’re diverse not only in the type of work we do, but also in our ability to support other international companies,” says Wuest.

Eager to roll up their sleeves, advisors often embed in the companies they’re assisting. Whether they’re overseeing a tricky merger or helping a company boost profitability, SynFiny’s advisors will run meetings, draw up roadmaps, coach managers, and even sit in for C-suite roles when companies are changing leadership. “It doesn’t matter if the proposal is $20,000 or $2 million or for a public, private, or nonprofit entity. We give the same caliber of service to all clients, and we never turn down small gigs,” says Lee. “We think in terms of relationships, and we always keep in touch.” Not surprisingly, 70% of SynFiny’s contracts are repeat business.

Since SynFiny’s inception, it has added to its client list—100 and growing—and has developed strong relationships all over the world. Yet, one thing has remained constant: the company’s mission to bring great people together, strive for excellence, and serve clients with honest, insightful advice that helps them grow and flourish.