Introducing Synfiny Learning Solutions

SynFiny Advisors is officially announcing the launch of a new division of our business in Latin America, SynFiny Learning Solutions! SynFiny Learning Solutions exists to bring your organization the full set of functional and soft skills necessary to expedite growth and succeed in today’s challenging business environment. Our instructors bring your employees a wealth of knowledge and real experience from corporate careers, so you won’t have to wade through the 30+ years of personal experience to produce fast results.

SynFiny Learning Solutions includes several soft skill programs including Purposeful Leadership, Inclusive and Diverse Culture, Open Innovation, Effective and Engaging Communication, Team Building, Sustainable Wellbeing and Productivity, and much more!

Additionally, SLS offers functional skills programs including Strategic Sourcing Fundamentals, Supplier Relationship Management, Optimizing Working Capital, Supply Chain as a Competitive Advantage, and more.

SynFiny Learning Solutions’ programs are tailored to specific company needs and delivered using blended, face-to-face, and virtual methods.

Our learning practice helps your organization become a team of ultimate corporate champions!

SynFiny Announces Launch in The Philippines

As we expand further globally, we are officially announcing our newest SynFiny location in Manila, Philippines. SynFiny Advisors continues to support clients globally and is committed to the success of our clients. We look forward to further business success for our clients through this SynFiny launch.

Thank you to our partner, Jet Antonio, for making it possible for SynFiny to help reach more businesses in the Philippines.

SynFiny offers operational improvement, strategic services, and organization improvement in several functions, including but not limited to Supply Chain, Shared Services, Source to Pay, and C-Suite Services.

Meet The Partner

Jet Antonio

Jet Antonio

PartnerJet has 30 years of Corporate Procurement leadership experience, as Purchases Director in Procter & Gamble, and Senior Director in Mondelez International. With on-the-ground stints in Cincinnati, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, Jet’s end-to-end Procurement know-how, leadership mastery and leading-edge organization development practices can help businesses grow and succeed in the Asia-Pacific region. Jet has spearheaded a variety of business and organization transformations with both P&G and Mondelez, generating speed, efficiency and greater effectiveness in delivering breakthrough value creation. He is focused on helping businesses to grow and be successful in Asia.

Map of Eastern Europe

The P&G Alumni EECAR Chapter has Officially Launched

On May 7th, the P&G Alumni EECAR Chapter was officially launched virtually! There was an awesome turnout; more than 300 people attended across 27 different countries. Thank you to all of those who tuned in.

If you are a P&G Alumni and wasn’t able to attend the virtual event, you don’t have to miss out! You can watch the virtual launch with your P&G Alumni Network Login.

Use the link below to hear from all the following speakers:

  • John Pepper, retired CEO/Chairman P&G
  • Sotos Marinidis, Vice President Eastern Europe P&G
  • York Huang, Chairman of P&G Alumni China
  • Jeff Wuest, founder & CEO of SynFiny Advisors
  • Plus, P&G Alumni EECAR Board: Natalia Beketova, Natalia Vinogradova, Eugeny Notkin, Sayora Aupova, Lada Kudrova, Maria Filimonova, Maria Buzhinskaya, Julia Vatutina, Eugeny Gordienko

With this much interest virtually, we are looking forward to the in-person launch of the P&G Alumni EECAR Chapter and hope to see many there!

Link To Portal:

Mexico City

SynFiny Announces Grand Opening in Mexico

SynFiny Advisors works with businesses to achieve better results, better direction, and better organization. Their experience and insight help businesses in regions across the globe including North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Europe. SynFiny is sharing the official opening of our Mexico City office as we continue to expand throughout Latin America.

SynFiny Advisors practice areas include FP&A Transformation, Supply Chain, Process Management, Accounting Transformation, Commercial Development, Strategic Planning, Business Analytics, M&A Support, Risk Management, Source-to-Pay, Information Technology, Shared Services, and C-Suite Services. Additionally, SynFiny is an expert in running online/virtual business; therefore, our experienced advisors are eager to help your business during this changing business environment.

Thanks to our Partner, Germán Ganado, we are proud to announce our official Grand Opening of our Mexico City office.

Meet The Partners

Germán Ganado

Germán Ganado

PartnerGermán Ganado has more than 28 years of experience in delivery Advisory and Assurance professional services in two of the Big 4 Firms.

As a 15-year Advisory Services Partner, Germán has been privileged to attend relevant national and international private clients as well as government and public sector entities in Mexico. As a Partner within the Performance Improvement practice, he has worked closely with clients addressing complex operating problems and tailoring business transformational and operational value solutions in several industries and integrating other line of services solutions such as legal, tax, and transactions. For 4+ years, Germán led the Public Sector practice in Mexico, consolidating the practice while driving growth by identifying needs and demands from the market. Germán worked alongside the global practice bringing international experiences and delivering high quality services.

Germán received his bachelor’s degree in public accounting and financial management from Technological University of Mexico. He is a certified public accountant and is certified in public sector accounting and auditing.

Lima, Peru

SynFiny Announces Grand Opening in Perú

SynFiny wants to bring the experience and insights of our seasoned advisors to your business, wherever you are! As SynFiny continues to expand through Latin America, we are eager to bring success to your organization. Each of our team members has had long corporate careers where they have waded through thick and thin. That is why SynFiny believes, now more than ever, we should continue to carry out our mission of improving organizations across the globe while staying true to our core values.

With that, we have officially opened our office in Lima, Peru, with the help of our partner, Bernardo Regal. SynFiny helps to get better results from your current business, find better direction to grow and protect your business, and develop better organizations that encourage growth. We offer services in Operational Improvement, Strategic Services, and Organizational Improvement.

Meet The Partners

Bernardo Regal

Bernardo Regal

PartnerBernardo brings more than 30 years of experience in CEO, CFO, Senior Advisor and Independent Director roles across Latin America. During the past two years, Bernardo has been advising businesses in Strategy, Financial Planning and Analysis, Valuation, M&A and Corporate Governance.

Bernardo was CEO of Jockey Plaza, the biggest shopping center in Perú, developing and leading their new growth strategy. He was CFO of Breca, the biggest conglomerate in Perú, focusing on portfolio analysis, corporate strategy, M&A, financial planning and control. Breca owns and manages leading businesses in mining, fishing, insurance, banking, cement, hotel, real estate, explosives, welding, painting, agriculture and construction in Perú, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia.

He worked for 7 years in PepsiCo and 15 years in P&G in CFO roles with responsibility over Venezuela, Brazil, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia and Chile.

He is a founding partner and board member of Civitano, a restaurant holding company with operations in Perú and Chile and is a member of the Institute of Directors of Perú. Bernardo is an Industrial Engineer from Pontificia Universidad Católica of Perú.

SynFiny Announces Launch in China

SynFiny Advisors is proud to announce the launch of our operations in Shanghai and Guangzhou as we continue to expand through the Asia Pacific region. SynFiny Advisors has a global reach across many industries, and we will continue to bring our experience further across the globe so that more companies can achieve success.

Thank you to our China partner, Webster Shao, for making our expansion in this key market of Asia Pacific possible. SynFiny offers operational improvement, strategic services, and organization improvement in several functions, including but not limited to Supply Chain, Shared Services, Source to Pay, and C-Suite Services.

Meet The Partners

Webster Shao

Webster Shao


Webster Shao has more than 30 years of experience in FMCG, medical, shipping and consulting industries across many cultures. Webster started his career with P&G China before moving to P&G Canada. He was responsible for manufacturing, operation management, joint venture management and supply chain management for mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Later, Webster served Maersk for 10 years, mainly leading the China Global Service Centres. Webster also had management responsibility of Global Service Centres in Philippines and India.

Webster spent 6 years with KPMG China and led many projects of shared services, corporation management, leadership improvement, industry planning, and investment promotion, to name a few. His clients included MNCs, SOEs, private companies, industrial parks, and government authorities. Webster also led many key projects including Leadership Enhancement for Novo Nordisk, Strategy Planning for NASSCOM, and The Global Outsourcing Summit for MOFCOM (Ministry of Commerce of China) in 2014 and 2015. He established the nationwide Outsourcing Credit System for MOFCOM in 2017.

Webster received a degree in Chemical Engineering at Jiangnan University and his mini MBA from Chinese University of HK. Webster was a member of ASPAC Excellence Function Committee and was also the Chairman of China Annual SSON Summit for several years.

SynFiny Announces Grand Opening in Middle East & Africa

SynFiny Advisors taps into the experience of seasoned operating executives from across disciplines and industries to bring you practical solutions that produce real results across the globe! With the official opening of our Dubai office, our advisors are more ready than ever to bring operational improvement, strategic services, and organization improvement to your business in the region of Middle East and Africa.

SynFiny Advisors is excited to officially announce the Grand Opening of our Dubai office. Special thank you to our talented partner Yasser Abdelmalek for his hard work to make this happen. SynFiny is proud to have a partner as talented and experienced as Yasser in the Middle East and Africa Region.

Our advisors are honored to help businesses across industries by sharing their expertise and knowledge in “special service offerings here”. SynFiny will continue to bring quality results to organizations despite the changing business environment. SynFiny is working closely with our clients to give virtual support while maintaining our high-quality service and expert experience. We are proud to bring better results to more businesses across the globe.

Meet The Partners

Yasser Abdelmalek

Yasser Abdelmalek


Yasser Abdelmalek brings more than 25 years of international experience in senior roles in Purchasing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Shared Services, and Information Technology with an exceptional record of business transformation.

Yasser has 15 years of experience at Procter & Gamble in various positions responsible for Procurement and other Global Business Services across Europe, Middle East, and Africa. More recently, Yasser was responsible for more than $2.38 billion dollars of spend at PepsiCo. He also worked as the General Manager at EPx Logistics and Transportation, which is the largest specialized logistics service provider in Egypt. Currently, he is the proud founder and CEO of Edge360 (Supply Chain and Service Solutions) and a Partner at the Leap Kids Development Hub.

Yasser is a Computer Engineer, who started his career as Electrical Engineering Teaching & Research assistant in Cairo & UAE Engineering Universities.

Skyline of Moscow

SynFiny Announces Grand Opening in Eastern Europe

SynFiny Advisors taps into the experience of seasoned operating executives from across disciplines and industries to bring you practical solutions that produce real results, wherever you are! SynFiny Advisors is thrilled to now provide experience and insight on operational improvement, strategic services, and organization improvement to Eastern Europe.

Thanks to our partners, Natalia Vingoradova and Natalia Beketova, we are proud to announce our Grand Opening of our Moscow, Russia office. Despite the difficult business environment and remote working conditions, we all face today, SynFiny continues to bring quality results to organizations by being an expert in running virtual businesses. Our advisors are honored to share their knowledge in HR, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Shared Services, and more to all businesses and industries. SynFiny is excited to bring better results to more businesses across the globe.

Meet The Partners

Natalia Vinogradova

Natalia Vinogradova


Natalia is a senior executive with +25 years of experience in finance and accounting, and a recognized expert in shared services, process transformation, efficiency and optimization. She has led multiple projects covering corporate restructurings, acquisitions and divestitures, system implementations and service transformation for FMCG multinational.

In the past 10 years, Natalia has established and run an accounting shared service center for Procter and Gamble in Eastern Europe to cover operations in complex markets (Russia, Ukraine, Turkey etc) and total Europe for a broad range of services, including R2R, taxes, banking, accounts payable and accounts receivable. In her most recent role at Procter and Gamble she was responsible for service management of global indirect tax operations, ensuring strong service quality and long term systems & service design for tax reporting in over 60 countries.

Natalia  has an honors MBA degree from MGIMO (International Relations) University in Moscow.

Natalia Beketova

Natalia Beketova


An executive with over 25 years of experience in human resources management with broad experience in large multinational and Russian production companies with international presence. Natalia has worked with Boards of Directors, as well as having worked and lived in different regions of Russia, in Ukraine and Western Europe.

Natalia started as the assistant to the Human Resources Director, has been an executive coach for C-suite and mentor and coach to many professionals in different industries at the executive level. Natalia is an independent Director at Institute of Directors and a member of Independent Directors Foundation. 

Natalia graduated with a diploma with honors from Tula State Pedagogical University.

Professional holding a tablet in an empty warehouse

How Manufacturers Can Navigate The Novel Coronavirus’ Supply Chain Impacts

The infamous coronavirus (COVID-19) has greatly impacted every industry on this planet, but it has taken a particular blow to the manufacturing industry. The virus’s disruptive effects are trickling throughout global manufacturing supply chains and its consumers. The hold on production has caused manufacturers to rely on inventory stockpiles. Once these limited resources run out, the shortages will cause prices to inevitably increase. The combination of limited supplies, travel restrictions, and workforce shortage can make it difficult for manufactures to fulfill their obligations to their customers and clients. These fulfillment delays could have a great impact on consumer relations, brand reputation, and could even result in financial or legal consequences.

A brand is a promise to its consumers. A promise that a company needs to constantly deliver on to keep the brand strong. When a company fails to deliver on its promises—even if the reason is due to forces beyond its control—the brand can be negatively affected. The way manufacturers respond to the shortages or delays brought by COVID-19 is key to brand preservation and competitive differentiation. Demonstrating leadership, transparency, and continuous communication can earn customer loyalty.

In the midst of this global crisis, SynFiny Advisors is working remotely to ensure our clients receive the services they need to continue their operations effectively and efficiently. For more information on how SynFiny Advisors can help your manufacturing company during these difficult times, visit

Man speaking in front of conference

SynFiny Advisors CEO, Jeff Wuest, spoke at the Second Annual SWOAFP Conference

SynFiny CEO gives a presentation

SynFiny Advisors CEO, Jeff Wuest, spoke on Reimagining the Finance Landscape at the Second Annual SWOAFP Conference. He began the presentation by discussing his time at P&G, where he managed financial operations in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. After spending ten years overseas and a collective 25 years at P&G, he retired to start up SynFiny Advisors. He continued to speak about the early history of SynFiny and how it started with a small team of Executive Advisors (Consultants). Growing to what it has become now, a thriving company with multiple offices across the globe, operated by a team of over 90 people, and quickly widening ranges of expertise.

CEO of SynFiny giving a presentation

Jeff elaborated on FP&A and how technology has disrupted almost every business sector with constant advancements and amazing new cases. The advancements he went over included: increasingly intelligent chatbots for customer service, machine learning for fraud detection and contract analysis, blockchain for moving money through the system, and cognitive search and analytics for providing key stakeholders with relevant information and insights. These topics are modern tools of the trade with ever-changing dynamics every finance and accounting professional needs, to stay on top of current market trends.

people sitting at a table discussing

SynFiny Advisors would like to thank Ohio AFP for allowing Jeff Wuest the opportunity to speak at the SWOAFP Conference. Ronald Reagan Lodge provided the space for professionals from all over to come together and further their knowledge in financial planning and analysis. A special thanks to the attendees for being eager and open to learn and connect!

Three woman standing together smiling